Debunkingbs #1..smarter food choices

Hi and welcome  to our first #debunkingbs first blog..

What's that you might ask?

Well, we have a friend from Italy staying with us right now, so we are getting to see what usual, non health conscius people buy, and how bad some companies use claims to make you think you're buy something good for you.

Now, this is not about shaming, but about education as we believe "that only those who know really choose, those who don't only think they're choosing". So we're not going to name the brands, but we'll show you the packaging, and how they are tricking you.

Also, we might throw some recommendation and comparisons for quick grab n go supermarket snacks.

We really hope some of you might find this information useful, please hit the like and comment if you do.

The first product i was totally shocked about is a chocolate shake, advertised as "slim", found in any supermarket shelves.

Nicely packaged, with high protein, low carb and 98% fat free ticks. Does this reflect the truth?

Let's check the nutritional values.

Protein. In check, more or less. 15g protein is half of most of the protein shakes, so is not so high in protein compare to them, but is not too bad.

Fats, the claim is true, very low.

Carbs and sugar? Here is what shocked me. Claiming low carb on the front you would expect 10g or less of carbs and definetely just a few of sugar.  How does this reflect in the nutritional value?

31g of carbohydrate, of which 28.2g are sugars!!!

To make you understand better, 25g of sugar is the recommended RDA from the Worls health organisation.

"The World Health Organization is dropping its sugar intake recommendations from 10 percent of your daily calorie intake to 5 percent.

For an adult of a normal body mass index (BMI), that works out to about 6 teaspoons -- or 25 grams -- of sugar per day."

Guess how much sugar does a can of coke contain? 40g. And a mars bar? Only 20g So what you are really paying for is really expensive sugar. And guess what? The recommend 3 a day on their website for quick weght loss!! Do your math..

No wonder the reviews say it tastes good, has more sugar than a mars bar!!

We have nothing against a treat, even if it is high on sugar, but a classic brownie will never be labelled as healthy, nor lo carb.

So please, don't be fooled, make wise choices when it comes down to pre packaged foods, marketing claims are designed to trick you, and to highlight what could be the only "good sides". Like labelling rat poison "gluten free" or "low calorie"..


Did you find a products that doesn't walk to talk?

Let us know and we'll look into it :)


by Alessio Frattini, CEO and Co-founder of Ella's Wisdom



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